Professional Fitment

* Please note that Auto Tech Systems (Pty) Ltd is an automotive fitment centre operating exclusively in the Western Cape.  Please refer to Section 5 of our Terms and Conditions.

Full Valet

Bring you car back to showroom condition


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A full valet is a bumper to bumper treatment for your car, to bring it back to showroom condition.  We take great pride in our renowned valets and are proud of each vehicle we hand over to an overjoyed and satisfied customer.

Our full valet includes the following:

  • Industrial Fallout Removal
  • High-Pressure Wash
  • Engine cleaned
  • Rims cleaned
  • Carpet washed
  • Fabric seats scrubed / leather seats cleaned
  • Drying
  • Cleaning of interior*,  crevices and compartments
  • Cleaning of windows
  • Detailing
  • Full compound buff and polish

A full valet also makes a perfect gift.

*Roof linings are excluded.

At Apex Parow we support water-saving initiatives, and we have invested in an eWasha Water Re-Cycling Plant.  This means we use no municipal or potable water to wash or clean cars.  All water used gets re-cycled.  We also have reservoir tanks that we use to collect water from the roof of our building. Water is re-cycled through the environmentally friendly bio-reactors, where all chemicals and impurities are removed, and the water is then suitable for cleaning cars.

Chemicals used to clean cars are biodegradable, so it has no negative impact on the environment, or on your vehicle.

Before and After Pictures