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Paint & Interior Protection

Paint & Interior Protection


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Apex Paint & Interior Protection is a 3 year program that will protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle for 3 years.  Every 12 months the application is re-done, ensuring your vehicle stays in showroom condition.

Apex Nano Paint Protection contains advanced polymer layers that are applied to the vehicle’s paint surface. This prolongs the life of your vehicle’s paintwork ensuring that it looks newer for longer.

The Nano-technology gives a brilliant shine and reflection while polymers form a chemical bond to the paint surface for a enhanced protection.

  • Maintenance kit included
  • Annual re-seal voucher included
  • Entire paint surface protected & warranted
  • Holds gloss and shine for longer


Protects against:

  • Acid rain
  • Bird droppings
  • Bug Splatter
  • Tree sap
  • Surface rust
  • Sprinkler spotting
  • Fading
  • UV damage


Apex Interior Protection will shield your carpets, leather, vinyl and fabric from stains and prolong the life of your vehicles interior.

This creates many opportunities for wear and tear, that is made worse by weather conditions, resulting in increased damage to your car interior.

The Apex Auto Shield™ complete interior protection now comes with increased Ultra Violet inhibitors as well as stain release agents for added protection from your daily regime.

Save on seat covers: Independent lab tests have shown that vehicles protected with Apex Interior Protection will benefit from the following:

  • 49% less wear in leather seats
  • 31% less wear on vinyl interiors
  • 34% less wear on fabric seats
  • 50% less chance of ignition from cigarette burns




Apex Paint & Interior Protection makes a perfect gift for someone who really loves his or her car.


Apex Paint & Interior Protection has a 3 year warranty.  Refer to the warranty card for details.

When we have completed application, we will issue a Warranty Card.  On the card is a QR code as well as a website address.  You can scan the QR code with your mobile phone, or enter the website address in your web browser.  You will enter your details, and once submitted, your warranty is activated, and you will receive an email to confirm.  You will also reveive additional coupons and benefits.  See “Benefits” tab.

The warranty card looks like this:




  • Immediate discount of R225 off the annual paint re-seal application
  • Immediate discount of R175 off the annual interior re-seal application
  • Immediate discount of R300 off headlamp & foglamp protection film
  • R400 Heatshield discount coupon
  • Your vehicle will be protected and in showroom condition for 3 years