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Safety Film - Ultimate - Lifetime Warranty

Safety Film – Ultimate – Lifetime Warranty


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Apex Smash & Grab film is an industry leader in break strength, colour retention and heat reduction.

It not only acts as a high performance safety measure, but it also controls heat and glare. Its non-metal construction means that it won’t interfere with cell phone or GPS signals. The modern “Factory Black” shade works well with any color and looks great on any type of vehicle.

Apex Smash & Grab is a non-reflective ceramic heat reduction safety film.

Benefits include:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • R7 000 additional benefits
    • Includes up to R5 000 in the case of a smash & grab attack
    • Includes R 1 000 in the case of a vehicle break-in
  • Scratch reduction coating
  • 99% UV Protection
  • 0% Signal Interference
  • Up to 65% glare reduction
  • Up to 41% solar energy reduction


Available in various shades:  35%, 50%, 20% and Clear.  You can select the shade when you bring your vehicle in for application.


Apex Ultimate Film has a lifetime warranty.  Refer to the warranty card for details.

When your film has been applied, we will issue a Warranty Card.  On the card is a QR code as well as a website address.  You can scan the QR code with your mobile phone, or enter the website address in your web browser.  You will enter your details, and once submitted, your warranty is activated, and you will receive an email to confirm.  You will also reveive additional coupons and benefits.  See “Benefits” tab.

The warranty card looks like this:



  • Immediate discount of R300 off Headlight Film
  • Immediate discount of R700 off Heatshield Film
  • Apex Film is a Ceramic Film that has a 21 % to 34 % higher break strength than other premium films available.
  • Apex Film has the best colour retention available in South Africa.
  • Apex Film has a 15 % – 36 % higher tensile strength compared to other premium films available.
  • Apex Film has the best heat rejection (31 %) compared to other premium films available.